While in covid quarantine I decided to make a quick and easy DELICIOUS smoothie. Due to the fact I am quarantined with my husband, I had some not so healthy choices. See my husband is what I call “a buck fifty” concerning his weight. The man can eat ANYTHING he wants and how MUCH he wants without gaining a pound. I on the other hand can LOOK at a cookie and gain ten pounds. So thankfully I didn’t have to look to hard for some healthy alternatives for breakfast.  I used the Vitamix my husband and mother-in-love surprised me with last year for my birthday and created a DELICIOUS strawberry smoothie. Thank goodness I had the ingredients on hand because the last thing I wanted to do was to get dressed, and go grocery shopping. With that being said let’s get to the ingredients of the Strawberry smoothie..


1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 ½ cup of almond milk or coconut milk or any kind of plant based milk

1 inch of ginger root (sliced))

1 inch of turmeric root (sliced)

1 cup vegan vanilla yogurt or plain vegan yogurt, whichever you like

2 Tbl spoons powdered chia seeds. If you can’t find the powdered, the whole chia seeds are fine


Add your liquid ingredients first, including yogurt and then the rest of the ingredients listed above. If it’s too thick for you, you can add more milk to get the consistency you are looking for.