Herb of The Month: Ginger Root
Ginger is one of my FAVORITE herbs I can drink several times a day to experience its warming and analgesic benefits. Ginger is in the Zingiberaceae family and it is related to Turmeric, Cardamom and Galangal. This flowering herb originated from China, with its rhizome(root) being the stem that grows underground. Ginger has a pungent taste, warms the body as it flows through the digestive system and it is said to be one of the healthiest herb AND spice on the planet.
The benefits of Ginger are said to be:
Treat nausea, especially morning sickness
Reduce pain and soreness
Lower blood sugar
Improve heart disease
Treat indigestion
Reduce menstrual pain
Lower cholesterol levels
May help prevent cancer
Improve brain function
Protect against Alzheimer’s
Can help fight infections
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

As you can see Ginger Root has Many medicinal benefits and is a powerful rhizome with plenty of robust flavor.