Easy Vegan Pasta Salad


This is a Quick, EASY and DELICIOUS vegan pasta salad, that will have the family wanting more. It’s made with simple yet easy to find ingredients which are healthy and clean. This is also an easy meal for those who are new to cooking or on a budget and it can be eaten for lunch or dinner. As a reminder this recipe doesn’t list the measurements, that way each person can make it their own according to their palate. So whip this up and tell me what you think.


Broccoli florets

1- Can of olives, any variety(drained)

Cherry tomatoes

1- Red bell pepper

1- Medium box Penne pasta

Italian salad dressing ( to taste)

Italian seasoning (to taste)

Smoked applewood sea salt (to taste)

DIRECTIONS: 1. Cook pasta according to instructions on the package. While the pasta is cooking cut up the broccoli, slice the cherry tomatoes in half, chop up the bell pepper. Once everything is chopped and sliced, place it in a bowl and set to the side.

2. Once the pasta is done drain and rinse with cold water.

3. Add pasta and veggies together in a bowl and mix together.

4. Drizzle the Italian salad dressing over the pasta and veggies, add Italian seasoning, and smoked applewood sea salt. Then drain and add the olives. You can cut them or leave them whole. SERVE CHILLED.